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We here at JusMoney Enterprises are here to serve everyone. Especially the minority communities  that have been systematically disproportioned. Also here to serve the person who may not see a way of funding their dreams. Credit and Real estate has been able to help my life evolve and build generational wealth for generations to come. I am forever grateful for the knowledge I obtained. So I feel its my duty reach back and help people achieve the same goal

       The first Core message for my business is to change the way you think about your credit. So you can begin to build your profile for Business funding. Secondly Real Estate investing, I want to show clients ways to leverage your personal and or business credit to invest into Real Estate by ways of Multifamily and Single family flips. Also I want to show clients the steps it takes to become bank ready. By following the steps in my mentorship program you will be able to fund the entrepreneur lifestyle you deserve. Lastly I would say a core message is to help people beat the 9-5 trap by introducing ways to get OUR TIME BACK! Time is are most valuable asset.


       My name is Justin VanDemark born and raised in Albany NY. Which is located in Upstate NY. Im 32 years of age and I was raised by my mother who worked long hours daily to put food on table for my brother, sister and I. My mom did the best she could for us being that she was a single mother. As a child I always felt like I wanted more and to be very successful. By the time I was 18 I messed my credit up early just like a lot of the uneducated. I was able to get my GED at the age of 20 and started to go to community college. Hudson Valley Community College is the name but unfortunately I dropped out I wasn’t taking school serious. At that time I began to start exploring different ways to make money while I kept a job. Which brought me to the time in my life of throwing parties. I chose to throw parties because there are a lot of colleges Upstate NY and I felt it would be great to accommodate the college kids.


       I had a good run  throwing parties until some of the liabilities started to become problems. From there I began to go from job to job never holding down employment for too long. Idk why but I always felt I was meant to do more in life than just work and pay bills. So I started a sneaker company called Jus-Kicks in 2012 where I sold sneakers wholesale and retail. Which I still continue to do sparingly now.  By the age of 25 I was lucky enough to be introduced to crypto currencies and be an early adopter which helped me balloon financially (until the crash of course lol). Then by the age of 26 I started to fall in love with the thought of investing into Real Estate which sent me down many rabbit holes for information. Once I started to realize that my real estate journey would be a lot harder with having bad credit I took the challenge to learn how to repair my own credit. I was able to repair my own credit while also helping family and friends clean up theirs. Once the credit was clean I taught myself through youtube videos everyday and a few books on ways to obtain business credit. Eventually I was able to buy my first house with credit cards and I haven’t looked back since. Been hell of a journey but I've been able to acquire 10 doors with taking a break at the beginning of the pandemic. During my break I realized how much of my community is suffering from lack of information to change their situation.  I began to get the feeling I had a DUTY to help and pass on the information that has helped me and my family begin to build generational wealth.


 I went to Albany high school class of 2008 dropped out before being able to graduate. I would say a lot of my education came from trial and error. I've had bad credit and been in debt and managed to turn that around to build a 10 door real estate portfolio. My biggest accreditation would be experience.

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